About Us

Our counselling and psychotherapy practice is based on the following commitments to you;- 

  • Your needs are the starting point for therapy and change
  • We do not judge you or allow diagnosis to get in the way of therapy. 
  • Our therapy is open and transparent
  • We do not pretend to be experts on your life though we can help you gain clarity
  • Choices around the process are discussed with you where possible.
  • Our therapists are educated to masters degree level or above
  • Our therapists are insured and professionally supervised on a regular basis

Please ask if you require additional details. Our therapists will explain their counselling qualifications when they begin working with you or over the phone if you prefer. 

We adhere to ethical guidelines of the IACP, PSI or the IAHIP, depending on your therapist accreditation.  


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ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dublin 2. Counselling in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Dublin 2, across the street from the Dáil and the entrance to the National Museum on Kildare Street, Dublin 2.