Couple Therapy

Are you looking for relationship or couple’s counselling?
If you think your relationship could do with a tune up or is in deep difficulty we may be able help.
  • We provide couple’s therapy at our Dublin 2 offices located near the Dáil.
  • We are non-religious and non-judgmental in our orientation.
  • There is usually no waiting list.
  • All our therapists are trained to master’s level.
  • Our work is supervised and insured.
Call us now on 087 975 7922 to make an appointment.
Sometimes the reality of being with someone else doesn’t match the fantasy, however it is possible to get back the safety and security of a strong relationship with your partner.
As individuals we can bring a lot of baggage to our relationships. Differences with our partner can lead to stress and separation. Most issues in relationships don’t go away but many couples can learn to live with these differences and allow their partner to be who they are. It can be difficult if one partner is too controlling or the other partner is unable to say no or stand up to their loved one. Over time the stress and hurt of a difficult relationship can accumulate and lead to stress, depression, anxiety and separation.
Sometimes it is difficult to remember why we loved someone so much in the first place. It can be useful to recall the qualities of our partners which attracted us back then. When couples get into difficulties sometimes the frustrations they may have in life are taken out on the person closest to them. Obviously this can be very damaging over time.
It’s possible to relearn to love our partners and to learn how to speak to each other in more constructive ways.