Personal Development

Going for therapy is not about being weak or being unable to cope (though sometimes clients may feel that way). It is a healthy way of facing up to issues in life. For example since the 60s many people in the USA have used therapy for personal development (series such as In Treatment and the Sopranos have explored therapy at length). It is now emerging in Ireland as a tool to help people change and develop their understanding of life.
Choosing to see a trained professional can help you examine your approach to the challenges of life and can help you change how you see things. Very often increased awareness of why we do things can reduce stress and allow us to make changes.
Many people go to therapy because they recognise the need for change, not because they are ill or unable to cope.
Working with a psychotherapist can help you in the following ways;-
  • Improve communications in personal relationships
  • Become less stressed at work
  • Become more productive in your life
  • Make choices based on your wants and not mostly on what others want
  • Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty
  • Learn to say “yes” with less fear
  • Become more committed to your relationships
  • Be more content in your personal relationships
  • Be more confident about who you are
  • Become more assertive without being aggressive
  • Deal with anger in more productive ways