Stress or Anxiety?

Some level of stress or anxiety is a part of life – stress can get us moving and taking action in our lives. However, people sometimes feel unable to function properly or even go as far as to suffer from panic attacks when their stress levels get too high. Stress and anxiety can also accumulate and cause us difficulty if it becomes overwhelming.

The recession and stress seem to go hand in hand with many people suffering higher levels of stress than before as they try to juggle personal, financial and work commitments with the fears of reduced income and higher taxes hanging over their heads.

 How we can help you with stress

We can show you how to relax more effectively.
We can work with you in a supportive and non-judgemental way about things you can do to reduce your stress levels.
We can help you understand how your stress arises and what might make you susceptible to stress.

 What you can do to reduce stress

If your stress is causing you to cope poorly and is causing you and your family a lot of distress you may need to see a therapist who can show you proven techniques to reduce stress.
Stress can trigger illness and reduce the strength of your immune system.
Your doctor may recommend therapy to you which is proven to help reduce stress. If you feel that you can cope without medication and that you would like some help and support (and maybe some new life skills) ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy has therapists trained to help you reduce stress.
The following are some ways of helping you to reduce stress now;-

COMMIT – the first step to reducing stress is to commit to reducing stress! This sounds obvious but simply acknowledging your stress is important – research has shown that acknowledging difficulties with stress helps in reducing stress levels.

MOTIVATE – It is also important to be clear on the reasons that you want to reduce your stress levels. These reasons may include: better long-term health, better family relations, better eating habits, more quality time with friends and family and many more.
BREATHE – learning how to breathe calmly and how to relax can be an important tool in reducing the anxiety levels brought on by stress. Our therapists can show you simple techniques for breathing that are known to help relaxation. We can also show you how to meditate.
EXERCISE – regular exercise can help to reduce stress levels and also help you to deal with stressful situations. There’s a reason that many successful professionals go to the gym regularly – it helps them cope. Regular exercise is a great way of helping to reduce anxiety.
TALK – talk to close friends and family members about what is bugging you in your life. It is often therapeutic to experience the love and support of our loved ones and friends. Bottling it up can make it worse however it may be better to speak with a trained therapist about an issue that is complex and significant for you. Sometimes a therapist can help with issues that you may not want to burden your friends or family with.
TIME OUT – it sounds simple but a lot of people forget to take time out in order to relax when they get too busy. Simple actions (such as taking an hour for yourself every week – you could call it your “power hour”) can help a lot in dealing with stress.
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